She Planned To Pass Down Her Grandmother’s Engagement Ring To Her Daughter One Day, But Her Boyfriend Thinks Her Soon-To-Be Stepdaughter Should Get The Family Heirloom, And She Totally Disagrees

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About four years ago, this 27-year-old woman’s grandmother sadly passed away. And now, in the wake of her grandmother’s loss, she has been left dealing with a ton of drama regarding her grandmother’s engagement ring.

For context, her grandfather originally proposed to her grandmother with a beautiful 21-karat gold ring that had diamonds and a ruby in the center.

Then, when her father was a young man, that ring was eventually passed down to him. Later, he ultimately used that ring to propose to her mother.

Now, as far as she knows, her mother never removed the ring from her finger. It only ever came off after her mom passed away, and the ring was ultimately returned to her dad.

More recently, she and her boyfriend have been together for three years. And now, they have been discussing the idea of getting engaged.

So, she actually spoke to her dad about her grandmother’s engagement ring, and he told her that when she got engaged, she would inherit the family heirloom.

This obviously made her beyond happy, too, and she ended up telling her boyfriend about the news– as well as the ring’s long history in her family.

At that point, though, her boyfriend revealed different plans. Apparently, he claimed that his daughter– who is from his previous relationship– would love to inherit the ring one day.

Now, this seriously shocked her– mainly because she already has a daughter who is 11-months-old. So, she told her boyfriend that her future stepdaughter would not be receiving the ring– instead, her biological daughter would.

elen_studio – – illustrative purposes only

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