She Pointed Out To Her Brother That He’s Creepy Because His Girlfriend Looks So Much Like Their Mom, And Now Her Brother Has Stopped Talking To Her As Well As Their Mom

kiuikson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old girl has a brother who is 22, and her brother just started seeing a 23-year-old girl that she is convinced looks just like their mom.

She says that her brother’s girlfriend has the same eye color and hair color as their mom, and she also is about as tall as their mom too.

Her brother’s girlfriend likes to cook and enjoys yoga, just like their mom. And her brother’s girlfriend even watches the same TV shows that their mom does.

“She could easily pass off as our mom’s daughter (heck, probably even better than me), and the fact that this is the woman my brother is dating and sleeping with is just creeping me…out,” she explained.

“My brother’s GF was invited for dinner, and seeing her also have similar mannerisms to our mom while eating was just too much for me to take it anymore, so I took my brother out to a private chat.”

“I asked him how can he accept such a creepy situation, and he asked me what…I was talking about, I said to stop playing dumb; it couldn’t be more obvious that he’s dating a stand-in for our mom, and it’s creepy…”

Her brother accused her of being insane and that she’s making up gross situations that don’t even exist.

She shot back that he’s the disgusting one, not her. Her brother was severely upset by their conversation, and he and his girlfriend went home much earlier than anticipated.

Her mom later wanted to know what she had said to her brother to make him leave, and she was not willing to be honest.

kiuikson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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