She Stood Up For Herself With A New Guy She Met, And What She Has To Say Is A Powerful Lesson About Not Being Afraid To Say No To What You Don’t Want

Sofiia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Knowing how to speak up for yourself in a relationship is vital to healthy and effective communication between you and your partner. The word “no” should be a regular part of your vocabulary.

The people-pleasing side of you might object to that, but saying no when you don’t feel comfortable with something allows you to uphold your boundaries and refrain from becoming a doormat.

TikToker Lauren Denham (@laurenlearnslife) stood her ground and trusted her gut when she turned down a date with a guy who gave her bad vibes. She has a powerful message for all women out there when it comes to dating.

She matched with a guy on a dating app, and they met up once for a quick coffee. A few days later, he texted Lauren, asking her to come over to his place for wine and dessert.

Immediately, Lauren cringed because it’s usually a red flag when a guy invites you over without ever having gone on a proper date or two together.

Despite her reservations, Lauren accepted. At least, at first. She responded to his invitation with a joke so he would not have certain expectations about how the night would unfold.

Here’s what she wrote: “Oooh come to your place, huh? That’s cool, just no funny business later, haha.”

In response, he texted back: “Lol funny business? How old are we, 12?”

Lauren was put off by his reply, so she canceled the date. And within minutes of canceling on the first guy, another guy asked her out and told her exactly what she needed to hear.

Sofiia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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