She’s Graduating From Nursing School Soon, And Now Her Parents Expect Her To Care For Her Disabled Brother For A Discount

Minerva Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl is currently in nursing school, and next summer, she is set to graduate. Even though her graduation date is more than a year away, she has already begun searching for a job.

She thinks it’s best for her to try out being a nurse that cares for a patient in the patient’s home, as being in a hospital setting gives her a lot of anxiety.

“I would prefer that for now as I got very anxious during my practices in hospitals, there are many patients, and it’s a very stressful situation if you don’t have much experience,” she explained.

“My idea is to work as a domestic nurse for 1-2 years and then try again to work in a clinic or hospital after I get some experience.”

“Well, I have a brother who’s 14-years-old; he has autism and is disabled from his waist down. My parents asked me if I would be willing to work for them taking care of my brother.”

Honestly, she has no problem caring for her brother, but she does have a problem with what came next in that conversation.

Apparently, her parents questioned her on what kind of a discount she could give them if they want to hire her to be her brother’s nurse.

She replied back to her parents, saying she expects them to pay her exactly what she would make in any other job, and she’s not going to be giving them any kind of a discount just because she’s related to them.

Her parents were furious with her for not wanting to cut them a deal on care, and they insisted that family should be a priority to her over making money.

Minerva Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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