She’s Showing You How To Properly Prep Your Skin Before Applying Foundation

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One TikTok beauty influencer is trying to show her viewers that the secret to having glowing and gorgeous-looking skin isn’t all about a great foundation or concealer – a great skincare routine is vital!

Rocio Soria (@rocio.roses) has worked at Ulta and explains in her TikTok video that customers would always walk in and compliment her skin, saying they want their makeup to look just like hers. 

Rocio would then offer to show the customer the skin care products she uses, but the customer would usually say, “No, just show me the foundation.”

“Let me show you how to correctly prep your skin if you have dry, flaky skin, like myself,” says Rocio.

First, Rocio uses the Dermalogica daily micro exfoliant. It’s a powder that mixes with water to create a paste that gets rid of any unwanted textures or flakiness on the skin.

Next, she applies the KSOAS plump + juicy face mist before applying a hyaluronic acid from Good Molecules. 

“You have to apply this on damp skin,” adds Rocio. 

Then, she goes in with the Dr.Jart + ceramidin skin barrier moisturizer. Rocio says it is the perfect product for those whose skin gets super tight and dry during winter.

On top of her moisturizer, Rocio apples the Supergoop glow stick with SPF 50.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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