You Can Make These Breakfast Tacos Right In Your Air Fryer, And This Recipe Requires Just 4 Ingredients

Hazal - - illustrative purposes only

Air frying is all the rage these days, and for a good reason; you can literally cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner with one.

You don’t need a lot of oil to cook your food with, so it’s healthier, and it heats up extremely quickly, so you can make whole meals in a matter of minutes.

Mornings are usually a pretty busy and chaotic time for most people, so air fryers are a convenient tool to utilize when you need some food before rushing out the door.

Start your day off with a simple breakfast to fill your belly and tide you over until lunchtime. With an air fryer, the possibilities are endless when it comes to breakfast recipes.

This morning meal is popular on TikTok, so of course, you definitely have to try it.

TikToker @mizzerybelltiktok has a quick and easy recipe for a breakfast taco you can cook up in the air fryer. Her video on TikTok has gained over a million views.

“Easy air fryer breakfast taco. For all my hungries on the go!” she captioned the video.

It’s the ideal breakfast for when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make a proper one. This taco is as straightforward as can be, with only three main ingredients besides the tortilla itself.

Start by sticking a tortilla into your air fryer, then carefully crack two eggs on top of it. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and sprinkle some shredded cheese on top.

Hazal – – illustrative purposes only

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