8 Ways To Make Sure Your Stepparents Feel Included At Your Wedding

Primarily, you could include your stepparents in your processional along with the bridesmaids and groomsmen– giving them a space to feel included without foregoing the traditional bridal walk. Or, you could switch it up and have your father and stepfather walk on either side of you. You could also opt to have your stepfather walk you halfway before your father gets up and finishes the walk with you.

Finally, if everyone gets along, you could even choose to have both sets of parents walk you completely down the aisle.

This decision is entirely up to you and ultimately comes down to your family dynamic and comfort level. The most important thing to remember, though, is that you should plan the moment in advance to avoid any confusion or upset on your big day.

Family Photos

If you would like everyone to be included in your wedding photos, be sure to inform your photographer about your family structure in advance. That way, they can come up with portrait arrangements that make everyone feel comfortable and included and make sense for your family.

Honor Dances 

If you are close with your stepparents and feel comfortable doing a dance, you can include them in your honor dances. You can dance with just one stepparent, either before or after your biological parent dances.

Or, you can start a dance with your biological parent before they “spin” you away– allowing you to finish out the second half of the song with your stepparent.

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