After A Woman Harrassed Him And Broke His $3,000 Fishing Rod, He Got Her Fined And Arrested For Felony Destruction Of Property

yossarian6 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About two weeks ago, this 27-year-old guy went on a trip with two other friends to their mutual friend Alex’s cottage.

They go to the cottage every year for one week, and over the years, they have had a long-running joke about him bringing his 46-foot saltwater fishing boat out to the lake.

And after joking about it for so long, he finally decided to look into the possibility this year. He checked out the lake’s boating policies and split the permit and marina fees with his friends. Then, he brought his boat to the lake.

Now, the first four days of boating and fishing reportedly went really well. But, on the fifth day, things went sideways.

“The issues started over some fishing we did in the same bay as Alex’s cottage,” he recalled.

Apparently, he used his fish finder to find a prime fishing spot on the other side of the lake. Then, after they were hanging out in that area for about an hour, a woman in her twenties or thirties kayaked over to them from across the bay.

Upon reaching their boat, the woman asked to talk with the boat’s owner. So, he introduced himself, but the woman was not very happy.

Instead, she actually started going off on him and claiming that his boat was not allowed on the lake.

He got a lake permit, though, so he just pointed to it on the windscreen. Then, he asked the woman to leave and told her not to disturb him or his friends anymore.

yossarian6 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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