After His Friend Called Him A “Corporate Stooge” And Said His Work Wasn’t Doing The World Any Good, He Pointed Out How At Least He Actually Got A Job He Wanted

“Yeah, congrats on being a big corporate stooge. Clearly, you are doing the world so much good at your job,” Emily said sarcastically.

After hearing that, he was honestly pretty mad, too. He realizes that he might not exactly be saving lives like a doctor. But he still genuinely cares about his work. So, he decided to stand up for himself, and he ultimately responded pretty bluntly to Emily.

“At least I got the job I wanted, Emily,” he said.

At that point, she immediately became furious, and his two other friends just sat there looking stunned. Then, Emily proceeded to curse him out before leaving the Zoom meeting altogether.

After Emily left, his friends also claimed that his comment made him a real jerk. While his friends did agree that Emily’s remark was totally uncalled for, they pointed out how his reply was disproportionate, given how much Emily really wanted to become a pediatrician. Moreover, how disappointed she was when she didn’t match with pediatrics.

So, while he thought it was only fair to fight fire with fire in the beginning, his friends’ perspectives have made him feel torn over the situation.

And now, he’s been left wondering whether his response to Emily really was over the top and if he should apologize or not.

Do you think Emily’s comment was called for? Did he have a right to snap back at her, or did he go too far? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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