Her Neighbors Stole Her Dog And Then Tried To Claim That The Pup Was Theirs, So She Stole Her Dog Back From Their Yard And Got Accused Of Being Despicable

elina_lava - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Earlier this week, this woman’s dog was outside when he slipped through a hole in the fence that she had not known about.

So, she wound up searching for her dog in the neighborhood for about three or four hours. Then, when she couldn’t find her pup, she turned to her local neighborhood’s Facebook page and asked for any information about her missing pet.

She knew that her dog had been wearing dog tags, though, so she was confident that there couldn’t be any confusion about who owned the pup.

But then, when she went out searching for her pet again the next day, she actually spotted her dog through her own neighbor’s window.

At that point, she figured that her neighbors had just found her dog and were getting ready to contact her. So, she decided to just knock on their front door and inform them that the pup belonged to her.

“My dog was clearly trying to scratch his way out of the wife’s arms,” she recalled.

Yet, the neighbors just claimed that the pup was actually their dog!

It was at that moment that she realized her neighbors had removed the dog tags from her dog’s collar. She also noticed that their fence was not very tall.

So, she decided to wait around until her neighbors let the dog into the backyard. Then, she called her pup, and when he came running, she was able to scoop him up over the fence.

elina_lava – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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