Every Time That His Kids Say Or Do Something Negative, He Takes A Dollar Out Of Their Allowance, But Now His Family Is Accusing Him Of Being Controlling - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old man is naturally happy and upbeat; it comes quite easily to him. He has had a difficult life and has seen a lot of hard times, yet he has always managed to remain positive throughout it all.

He thinks of himself as optimistic, and no matter what, he tries to live his life with a sunny and cheery “outlook.”

In contrast, his wife is the polar opposite of him. His wife is quick to anger and is really full of cynicism.

Despite their differences, he does get along pretty decently with his wife, even though she’s always looking for the bad in everything.

“She always thinks about things that could go wrong and never really appreciates what we have,” he explained.

“The problem is, as my kids are growing up, they are getting imbibed with her energy. They are starting to become incredibly cynical, with dour pronouncements on employment and the economy, constantly trying to bring up incredibly depressing news.”

“They seem to enjoy talking about corruption and downfall and the bad things about our life and society in general.”

Not too long ago, he learned about a scientist who made an interesting discovery; if you force yourself to smile, it actually makes you feel happier and directly improves your mood.

So, a month ago, he came up with an idea to essentially force his kids to be less pessimistic and negative, and it was based on this scientist’s discovery. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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