He Came Home From School One Day With His Family And They Instantly Knew Someone Was In Their House: He Later Saw The Intruder Peeking Out Their Window

zef art - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man’s scary story from his middle school days makes me want to thoroughly search my house whenever I get home. If stories of home intruders creep you out, you’ll want to brace yourself for this one! 

He grew up in Hollywood, Florida, with his family. One day after getting home from school, he was with his mom and sister on the front porch. As his mom started unlocking the door, they knew something was off since their security alarm didn’t start sounding as usual. 

His mom was usually very diligent about setting the security alarm whenever she left the house, but they all assumed she had forgotten and carried on with their afternoon.

But then, as he was taking off his backpack and setting things down, he heard the sound of a drawer closing in his bedroom.

He looked toward his mom to see if she had heard the noise too. 

“My mom looked at me at the same time, and her look of horror was enough for me to realize that she heard the same thing,” he recalled. 

“That sound and the fact that the alarm was off was enough for my mom to decide to get us out of there.”

His mom took him and his sister and loudly announced that she wanted to show them outside so that anyone in their house would think his family was oblivious. 

Once outside, they shut the door behind them and headed towards the gate that was an entrance to an alley behind their house. But before they were finally far away from their home, he saw something absolutely terrifying.

zef art – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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