He Found Out A Guy Who Broke Up His Marriage Would Be Attending His Friend’s Wedding, So He Sent A Lengthy Text To “Iron Things Out,” And Now The Guy Is Refusing To Go

Igor - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 31-year-old man named Harry has a best friend, Alice, who will be getting married in November of this year, and he was asked to be her man of honor.

He graciously accepted the role, too, and has been very excited about the event.

There was one issue regarding the wedding that really concerned him, though, and it involved a guest named Bob.

“To put it lightly, I don’t like Bob, and for good reason,” he revealed.

Apparently, he was married to his ex-wife up until about two years ago when he got divorced from his ex. He claimed the breakup was horrible and that Bob actually played a huge role in the dissolution of his marriage.

For context, during his marriage– which lasted eight years– Bob was a mutual friend of his and his ex’s. And he revealed how throughout that entire time, Bob always put him down in front of his wife but never disrespected him like that when they were alone.

So, at first, he tried to just view Bob’s comments as harmless banter. After a while, though, he realized that Bob was relentless and rude– centering the comments around him being a “little girl,” which he found very odd.

He also detailed how Bob was just plain disrespectful and lacked good social boundaries. For instance, Bob would show up unannounced at his house at 10:00 p.m. and go on long walks with his wife for hours.

Plus, whenever he and his ex-wife would get into heated arguments, he found out that Bob used to call him abusive.

Igor – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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