Her Daughter Kept Slamming Her Bedroom Door Even After She Spoke To Her About This, So She Took The Door Off The Frame And Her Daughter Melted Down

She finally turned to telling Maggie that if she kept up the door slamming, she would have no choice but to implement some kind of punishment, but that didn’t work either.

Well, one evening last week, Maggie got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and slammed her door closed when she got back to her room.

It was so loud that she, her husband, and her sons were jolted awake. Now, she gets up for work at 5 every morning, and she’s done with getting woken up by Maggie slamming her door and interrupting her ability to sleep.

She immediately got out of bed and went down to Maggie’s room to knock on the door and speak to her.

Maggie opened up her door and was pretty rude, yet she remained calm as she relayed to Maggie that if she slammed her bedroom door just once more, she was going to take it away from her.

“She proceeded to yell at me to leave her alone and then slammed it 5 times as hard as she could,” she said.

“Well, the next day (Friday), she went to school, and my husband and I both had the day off, so we took the door off the frame and installed a curtain rod with a nice heavy curtain over the door instead.”

“She came home and freaked…she said we’re being emotionally abusive and taking away her right to privacy. She sulked all weekend and won’t talk to us now.”

She did give Maggie a curtain so that she still could have privacy, and it’s not like you can see through the curtain or around it at all.

It provides the same coverage as a door would, essentially, especially since she added velcro so Maggie can really close it completely against the wall.

She then informed Maggie that as soon as she says yes to agreeing to no longer slam her door, they will put it right back for her.

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