Her Ex-Fiancé Called Off Their Engagement And Ghosted Her Five Months Ago, But Had The Nerve To Reach Back Out Again On Social Media This Week

anatoliycherkas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last October, this 26-year-old woman was supposed to get married to her ex-fiancé named Greg, who is 29.

But, after she waited to tie the knot with Greg for nearly two years, her engagement was tragically called off.

It was not ended because of differing values, loss of love, or cheating, either. Instead, she detailed how her ex was a seaman who had just mismanaged his money.

Apparently, Greg was confident that he would be able to pay for a work exam and their wedding using his $5,000 work bonus. But, after the bonus was never paid out to him, he panicked and kept his financial struggles a secret– fearing she would end up leaving him.

Then, as time went on, Greg started having second thoughts about their marriage stemming from insecurity and lack of confidence.

He apparently started claiming that he did not deserve her and did not want her to “suffer any longer.”

Now, at that point, she was so confused and tried to reassure her fiancé at the time.

“I pledged to love him and stay with him. He would just have to learn his lesson and not do it again,” she recalled.

In spite of her unconditional support, though, it appears that was not enough for Greg. Instead, her ex-fiancé continued having second thoughts until he wound up ghosting her.

And honestly, she just could not believe it. She detailed how she compromised so much of her life to make Greg happy.

anatoliycherkas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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