Her Father Is Upset That She Broke Up With Her Ex-Boyfriend, But Her Father Doesn’t Know They Only Broke Up Because Her Ex Was Really Rude About Her Childhood Home, Which Her Father Worked So Hard On

blvdone - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About a month ago, this young woman got her heart broken by her ex-boyfriend. And it all started after she decided to invite him into her home.

Apparently, she grew up very poor. But that doesn’t mean her family– specifically her dad– did not work hard to fix up their house little by little throughout her childhood.

“It isn’t perfect, but it is my home,” she said.

Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, grew up in a very different financial situation. And he was lucky enough to grow up in a beautiful home that is furnished– without missing floors or decaying ceilings, like her house.

Nonetheless, she opened up her heart after they began dating. And eventually, once she became comfortable enough, she decided to let her boyfriend at the time come over to her house.

Well, according to her, he was downright disrespectful. And after the visit, her ex-boyfriend continued making very rude remarks about the home her father worked so hard on.

“It hurt me because my dad worked so hard on this house,” she recalled.

So, she wound up breaking up with her ex-boyfriend after he talked about her house like that. And that day, he actually had the nerve to call her “trailer trash” before blocking her on everything.

“I am just so hurt still,” she said.

blvdone – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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