Her Sister-In-Law’s “Parenting Style” Bans The Acknowledgement Of Her Niece’s Birthday, But She Decided To Take Her Niece Out To Dinner To Give Her A Little Birthday Gift Anyway, And Her Sister-In-Law Is Furious

o1559kip - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 24-year-old woman has an older brother and sister-in-law who are 30 and 31-years-old, respectively. And about six years ago, they welcomed her little niece into the world.

Since having their first child, though, she detailed how her brother and sister-in-law have adopted a pretty unconventional parenting style. In fact, they apparently don’t believe in celebrating birthdays or receiving any birthday gifts.

She claimed this was all his sister-in-law’s idea since she believes that celebrating or even simply acknowledging your child’s birthday will make them spoiled and think the day revolves around them.

“Weird. But hey, her kid, her rules, I guess,” she said.

Most of her family has found her sister-in-law’s beliefs really controversial, though, since they are really big on celebrating birthdays and holidays. They also love exchanging gifts.

But, since learning about her brother and sister-in-law’s “parenting style,” her family has been respectful of their wishes. So, they never acknowledge or celebrate her brother’s, sister-in-law’s, or niece’s birthday.

She is actually quite close with her niece, though, and has even earned the title of “favorite aunt.” At first, the entire birthday thing was not a huge deal, either, because her niece was still too young to realize there wasn’t a celebration.

But now, her niece is six years old and understands the concept of celebrating a birthday. So, her niece has become confused about why she just “doesn’t have one.”

Her sister-in-law has gone to great lengths to ensure the “parenting style” is not interfered with, though. In fact, her sister-in-law even went to her niece’s school to talk to her teacher.

o1559kip – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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