Her Stepson Doesn’t Want To Move In With His Mother’s New Boyfriend Because He Is “Awful,” But She Won’t Let Her Stepson Live With Her And Her Husband Either

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband currently have four children together– whose ages range from 1 to 7-years-old.

Her husband did have a previous marriage, though. So, he has a 15-year-old son with his ex-wife and is known as “dad” to his ex’s older son, who is 20.

Anyway, since getting married, she and her husband have lived in a three-bedroom home with their four kids. And whenever her 15-year-old stepson stays over, he usually sleeps on the couch.

“Despite my stepson not really living with us, my husband is still active in his life and spends lots of time with him,” she said.

However, her husband’s ex– who is her stepson’s mom– also had three younger children with a different ex-husband. And more recently, her husband’s ex just got a new boyfriend.

So, the ex currently lives in a two-bedroom apartment, which means that her stepson gets a bedroom; meanwhile, his younger three siblings share the living room as a bedroom. But, in about a week, the ex will be moving with the new boyfriend– which she thinks is a terrible idea.

“Her taste in men is awful, and her newest boyfriend is no different. And my stepson has awful things to say about him,” she explained.

“Despite this, and despite the fact she has only been dating him for around 10 months (she has known him longer), she is moving in with him.”

Now, the ex’s boyfriend is “somewhat” wealthy and currently resides in an empty four-bedroom house– because all of his kids are adults now.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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