His Aunt’s Boyfriend Is Accusing Him Of Stealing A $1,000 Jacket, But His Aunt Gifted It To Him

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If you’re someone who low-key loves reading stories about family drama, you might find this one quite interesting. 

One young man is in a bit of a feud with his aunt’s husband, who has accused him of stealing something quite valuable. 

He’s 23-years-old and has lived with his aunt since he was five. They’ve always had a great relationship, as his aunt has been like a mother figure in his life.

He also still relies on his aunt for help with his bills and college tuition.

However, his relationship with his aunt has changed since she married her new husband, a doctor named David. David is 60-years-old. His aunt is 47 and a nurse, so she met him at work.

“David is very wealthy and enjoys an extravagant lifestyle,” he explained. “When he found out that I was still dependent on my aunt, who was supporting me through college, he wasn’t too pleased.”

As soon as David and his aunt got engaged, he knew it would be best to move out and get an apartment near his college campus.

But, now that they’re married, he’s gotten the sense that David doesn’t like him and wants to drive a wedge between him and his aunt.

For instance, David and his aunt are moving to a different state. Although he’s very sad, he wants to be happy for his aunt. 

starsstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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