His Fiancée Got Too Drunk On Their Anniversary Trip, Went To A House Party Without Telling Him, And Fell Asleep, So When She Showed Up The Next Morning, He Kicked Her Out Of Their Hotel Room

This forced him to start making two separate meals every evening just to avoid starting an argument.

This past weekend, though, it was their anniversary. So, he decided to book a hotel room in Miami, and both he and his fiancée were really excited about the trip.

Everything started out great, too, and they were both having a wonderful time. They did not even argue for the first time in a while.

One night during their Miami getaway, though, the pair went out to dinner at a restaurant. And after they had ordered their food and finished eating, his fiancée decided to order a drink. So, he did as well.

But once he actually received his drink, he realized that it was pretty strong and barely had any of it. After all, someone needed to drive back to the hotel.

His fiancée, on the other hand, apparently scarfed down her entire drink before asking for his.

“And I was a little taken aback because my fiancée barely drinks,” he said.

So, he wound up asking her if she was okay. Unfortunately, though, that just made his fiancée angry, and she told him to stop asking her that.

And since he did not want to get into another argument, he just left it alone and let her have his drink.

His fiancée did not stop after finishing his beverage, though. Instead, she actually ended up ordering two more drinks after that– which really started to worry him.

At that point, he tried to discreetly ask their waiter for the check. But as soon as his fiancée realized they were leaving, she just became even angrier.

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