His Girlfriend Recently Revealed That She Most Likely Will Never Trust Him, And This Is Really Beginning To Take A Toll On Him

After some time had passed, he sat down with her to go over new material he had set up for an on-air media segment he’d be doing. He thought it would be funny to include a joke about him having a ‘sugar mama girlfriend,’ thinking she had gotten over any financial worries with him. 

She did not find his joke funny, and they got into a huge argument which ended with her telling him that even though she could see them having a long-term relationship, she would always have her guard up around him. 

Her lack of trust in him has also affected other parts of their relationship. For example, he’s introduced her to many family members, including his parents and children. She has family and children she could introduce him to, but he’s only ever met her cousin, who lives abroad. 

Her lack of trust in him is beginning to take a toll on him. His therapist pointed out that he is often ‘walking on eggshells’ around her.

He thought a nice vacation away together would help their relationship, so he booked them a European trip. Now, he’s beginning to change his mind about going.

“How can I be with someone who doesn’t trust me after 8 months?” he asked. 

How can he earn her trust, or should he give up on trying to earn it?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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