If You’re Looking For Something Festive And Fun To Sip On This St. Patrick’s Day, Check Out These Mimosas

TikTok - @texxturehome

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every March 17th. Beginning in Ireland nearly 2,000 years ago as a way to honor the country’s patron saint, it is now a day to give recognition and appreciation for all things Irish.

The current celebrations for this day look very different than they once did. Now, it’s all about wearing green clothes and toasting with green beverages in hand.

Whether you’re Irish or not, you can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without drinking something green. That is, perhaps, the most important part of the festivities.

So this March 17th, delight your party guests with these fun Irish-themed mimosas and do St. Patty’s Day the right way.

TikTok user @texxturehome is demonstrating how to make green mimosas that are absolutely fitting for the holiday.

You can easily whip up a batch of these when you’re in a time crunch since they’re so low-maintenance.

You’ll need only four ingredients: orange juice, blue curacao, champagne, and, if you’re feeling really Irish, some Jameson Irish whiskey.

Pick up your favorite bottle of bubbly–any sparkling wine will do. And when it comes to the orange juice, just remember that fresh is best!

Of course, it would be nice to have freshly squeezed juice, but if we’re being realistic, it takes time and energy that you might not have or be willing to spare.

So when you’re scouring the options of orange juice at the grocery store, choose one that is not made from concentrate.

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