She Accused Her Friend Of Pushing People Away By Only Ever Talking About Her Kid

“And even if I try to change subjects, the topic of Kate comes up again and again,” she explained.

She still refrained from saying anything to her friend about this, though. Well, that was until she babysat Kate last week, and some of Ann’s comments ultimately pushed her over the edge.

It all began after she finished babysitting and Ann came home to put Kate to bed. Then, once her friend was finished putting the toddler down, she and Ann got to talking, and the topic of being a single mother came up.

At that point, Ann started telling her about how hard it is to be a single parent. Her friend also revealed how she can feel really isolated from her peers.

Now, she claimed that she tried to be empathetic. After all, she realizes how being a young single parent is definitely challenging.

But then, Ann reportedly started making comments about how people “show their true colors.” Then, Ann actually listed a few of their friends who she claimed had been distant before calling them “fake friends.”

And honestly, she did not really like how Ann was talking about the rest of their group. So, she tried to provide some clarity.

She explained how most of the friends on Ann’s list were child-free and suggested that perhaps discussing Kate just made them all uncomfortable.

Her point did not really get through to Ann, though, and her friend just dismissed her suggestion. Then, Ann apparently said that if those people were really true friends, then they would love Kate just as much as she does.

But she still did not agree with that either, and she ended up saying something that really upset Ann.

“I told her that she is having unrealistic expectations and that just because her world revolves around Kate, it doesn’t mean that everybody else’s does, too,” she recalled.

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