She Explained How She Found Out That Her Baby Daddy Was Cheating On Her, And It All Came Down To A Gut Feeling

When he returned home from getting his haircut, Chloe was a mess. She tried to confront him, but he didn’t take any accountability for his actions, even ignoring her by turning on the TV.

So Chloe packed up her belongings and left with her son. Because her ex was financially abusive, Chloe did not have any money. Her mom had to book a hotel room for her.

Later, the girl he cheated with sent Chloe screenshots of the texts she was receiving from him. Instead of inquiring about Chloe and their son’s safety and whereabouts, he was busy messaging the other girl!

Chloe couldn’t sleep a wink that night. She reached out to the only person who could help her in a country that wasn’t her home–Priscilla, the soccer team captain’s wife.

The next day, Chloe went back to the house to pack the rest of her bags, leaving her son with Priscilla in the meantime. She had no idea how he would react, so she didn’t feel safe bringing her son along with her.

But, the entire time she was there collecting her things, he didn’t ask after his son.

Chloe’s mom booked a flight back to Australia for her. Luckily, her ex had a soccer game at the same time as her flight, so she was able to board the plane without incident.

Now, thanks to the support of her parents, Chloe has been able to heal, and she and her son are living their best lives in Australia.

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