She Has A Clever Way To Help You Easily Make Bunny Shaped Cupcakes For Easter, And She’s Also Showing You How To Frost Your Cupcakes To Give Them A Fuzzy Texture

TikTok - @yumlabels

Easter is on its way, so you need to come up with an Easter-worthy treat that tops last year’s. Consider baking a batch of bunny cupcakes.

These desserts will hop right into your hand and disappear before you know it!

Forming pastries into special shapes can be a time-consuming task if you don’t have a designated mold with your desired shapes.

But guess what? We’ve found a way to make it easy.

TikToker @yumlabels has a clever hack that transforms the shape of your ordinary cupcakes into adorable Easter bunnies, and here’s how.

After tucking some cupcake liners into your muffin tin and pouring in the batter, simply roll up pieces of aluminum foil into little balls.

Place one ball into a section of the muffin tin and push the cupcake inward to create the bunny ears. Then, place two balls on the right and left sides to make a round face. Now, you have yourself a bunny!

Repeat the steps on the rest of the cupcakes to create an army of bunnies. You can also utilize this foil technique for other holiday themes.

For example, mold together a heart cupcake using a scrunched-up foil ball for Valentine’s Day.

When the cupcakes are done baking, the next part of the process is the frosting. Give your bunny cupcakes a soft, furry look like a real rabbit.

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