She Has A Creative Idea For A St. Patrick’s Day Charcuterie Board That All Your Friends Will Love

Jenifoto - - illustrative purposes only

The nice thing about a charcuterie board is that it’s filled with ready-to-eat finger foods that you can easily assemble onto a wooden board.

It doesn’t require expert culinary skills, yet it always looks professionally put together. Charcuterie boards don’t always have to include meats and cheeses.

Nowadays, you can find them for pretty much any food group you can think of. And you can totally make it your own and customize it according to any party theme.

So for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll want something bright, colorful, and creative to serve to your guests.

Here’s an aesthetically pleasing and delicious snack board idea for St. Patrick’s Day brought to you by Amy (@livinglocurto) on TikTok.

After bringing all the ingredients together, you should be left with bite-sized snacks that form the face of a leprechaun!

Amy’s snack board combines sweet and salty flavors together. There’s popcorn, chocolate, and Cheez-Its. Who knew Cheez-Its could be part of such a beautiful layout?

To start, arrange green M&Ms into the shape of a top hat on a flat wooden charcuterie board. First, make a long rectangle out of the chocolate candies.

Then, position small sections of a dark chocolate bar above the rectangle to create the hat buckle. Arrange more M&Ms into a square to complete the leprechaun’s hat.

Jenifoto – – illustrative purposes only

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