She Really Dislikes Her Sister’s Fiancé, And That’s The Reason Why She Doesn’t Want To Stay At Her Sister’s House Anymore

Overall, the visit was extremely unpleasant. 

“He killed my mood every time he’d speak to me,” she said. “For the rest of the time I was there, I tried my best to be nice, but he’d make…jokes that made me uncomfortable since he expected me to laugh along.” 

He’d also ask her sensitive and uncomfortable questions, assuring her that she no longer wanted to go on visits there. Recently, while out to lunch with her sister, nieces, and mother, her sister asked if she’d like to stay at their house for another week-long visit. When she said no, her sister asked if it was because of her fiancé.

After being egged on, she told her sister exactly why she doesn’t like his fiancé, that his attitude makes her not want to stay with them anymore. Her sister got extremely defensive and called her weird. She then brought her oldest daughter into the conversation, trying to get her to talk about how much she likes the fiancé.

All she could do was mumble, not confidently saying she likes her future stepdad. Then, her sister started yelling at her niece, which really set her off. 

 “I could see my niece holding back tears as my sister berated her,” she recalled. 

She called her sister a name and told her to back off her daughter. Her sister gave her the silent treatment until lunch ended, and everyone went home. 

How would you react if your sibling was about to marry someone like that?

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