She Refused To Move Back Home To Help Her Younger Sister With Her Newborn Twins But Is Starting To Feel Bad About It

That eventually pushed Sadie to reach out to her a few months ago for financial help. More specifically, Sadie asked if she could send some money every month. That way, her younger sister would be able to hire a babysitter for the twins and help out their dad.

At the time, she and her husband, Lewis, agreed to that idea, too.

“Since we were financially stable and could afford it,” she added.

Sadie was also reportedly really thankful for her and Lewis’ help. But then, just a few weeks ago, her younger sister reached out to her and asked for a much larger favor.

Apparently, Sadie wanted her and Lewis to move back to Canada in order to help out with her twin nieces. Quite frankly, though, she and her husband ended up refusing.

“I feel like it is too much,” she admitted.

“We have built a life here in England, and my husband has a demanding job here, and it would take him a while to find another one in Canada.”

While she doesn’t feel like moving to Canada is realistic, though, her mother is only adding increased pressure to the whole situation. In fact, her mom ended up texting her and begging her to move back home– claiming that they all could really use her help.

So, ever since hearing that from her mom, she has started to feel pretty bad.

And now, she has been left wondering whether refusing to move back to Canada to help out Sadie with the newborn twins makes her a real jerk or not.

Do you think it was already gracious of her and her husband to provide childcare money for Sadie? Was it right for her sister to also ask her to move back to Canada? Does she have a right to refuse? If you were in her shoes, what would you do in this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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