She Reprimanded A Little Boy Who Bought Her Son A Toy As A Birthday Gift With His Own Money Because It Happened To Be Broken

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This 32-year-old woman has a 7-year-old son who recently had a birthday. To celebrate, her son asked a few of his classmates and friends to come to his party.

One 12-year-old boy in particular who attended her son’s party brought along a glowing toy as a gift for her son.

Her son opened up this gift after the party had ended, and when her son unwrapped this present, she saw that the toy had a crack in it.

Her son was thrilled about the present, but she was unhappy that her son had received a broken toy.

A day after her son’s birthday party, this boy came over to her house to play with her son and a few other children.

She then decided to approach the boy and question him about who had purchased the broken toy for her son, and this boy informed her that he had bought the gift himself.

“I showed him the broken part and lightly scolded him,” she explained. “I simply told him that if he was going to spend money buying something, he should’ve checked the thing.”

“I gave it back to him and told him to ask the store to replace it since it’s broken. I thought it was a good life lesson and that he’d remember this. It would help him when he buys something later on. It would teach him not to waste his money.”

“However, later that evening, his mom called me and told me that I was very rude to her son. She said, and I quote, “if someone gives you a gift, you just appreciate it and don’t say anything even if it’s not that good, especially when it’s a kid.” Turns out, he bought it with his own pocket money, and he put a lot of thought into it.”

jfunk – – illustrative purposes only

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