She Responded To A Guy’s Online Post Looking For A Roommate, And Her Experience With Him Was Downright Creepy

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Looking for an apartment to rent or a place to live in general is a very stressful process. It’s especially nerve-wracking when you need a roommate and are forced to choose from a pool of strangers in the same situation. 

One woman responded to a young man’s listing about needing a roommate online, and her experience with him was downright creepy. 

Over the summer, she was looking for a place to rent locally to live near her family. She saw a post on Facebook from a young man in the area who needed a “new roommate” to move in with him. 

She responded to his post, asking if she could look at the place with him and see if they’d be a good match as roommates. She thought he was already staying somewhere and needed a new roommate to replace someone else. However, that was not the case.

That morning, she woke up and had a bad feeling in her stomach. Something about that day just didn’t feel right. So her mom dropped her off in a public place so she could be picked up by the guy and taken to see his place.

Strangely, he wouldn’t give her the address for some reason, so she felt she had to drive with him. 

When he picked her up in a silver BMW, she noticed that the inside of his car was an absolute mess. He told her that he had been living in it. 

“I honestly felt bad for the guy,” she said. “I tried talking about rental questions and things I should know, but he dodged them. I didn’t know where we were going.”

Finally, after a dizzying drive, he finally pulled up in front of a house. There were two other cars parked outside when they arrived, and he suddenly told her that two other people would be looking into the house with them, something he never mentioned in the Facebook post. It was an older man and a woman. 

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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