She Says She Finally Met The Worst Person Ever On A Dating App, And Here’s What Went Down

On Monday, Josh texted her out of the blue. And the conversation was pretty wild. He started off by bragging that he had four phones.

“I was like, why would someone need four phones? Are you trying to tell me you can count to four?” commented Megan.

He also began gloating about how well-known he was by all the girls in the Portland/Vancouver area, even though he was from the town of Hillsboro. Megan clapped back, saying she had never heard of him before until recently.

“This man loves flexing Portland/Vancouver. I don’t know what it is; honestly, maybe he just wants me to know he knows geography,” she said.

“We covered numbers; now we’ve got geography, even though he’s not good at the geography because, once again, Portland is not in Hillsboro,” continued Megan.

Here’s where it gets brutal. Apparently, he is all for women not being treated with respect because, in his words, it “makes women appreciate the next nice guy they meet so much more.”

He admitted that he sees most women as objects that only exist for enjoyment. Then, he informed her that their hookup was only alright. After all that, he invited her to swing by after work. Megan had no intentions of taking him up on his offer. In fact, she stopped responding to his texts.

But then, he contacted her from a different number, trying to play it off like she hadn’t been totally ignoring him. In the end, he continued ranting about the inferiority of women and tried but failed to get Megan to hang out with him again.


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