She Took Her Dog Out For A Walk With A Male Friend Of Hers, But Then She And Her Dog Completely Disappeared

Facebook - pictured above is Laynee

Laynee Danielle Westbrook of Anacortes, Washington, was 41-years-old when she vanished with her beloved dog.

As a teen, she graduated from Anacortes High School before attending the Euro Institute of Skin Care Esthetics School. By 2020, she was working at a nearby Safeway.

In June of that year, Laynee also began living at the San Juan Motel with her boyfriend and her dog– a rat terrier named Precious.

Even though that particular motel didn’t have the best reputation, Laynee and Precious resided in the motel due to its affordable rent.

But, on September 10, 2020, the 41-year-old and her dog never made it back to her home.

That night, Laynee and Precious left the San Juan Motel at 7:11 p.m., according to surveillance camera footage. According to her family, she went out with a male acquaintance.

Then, Laynee was seen at a Chevron gas station– located next to the Swinomish Casino– at 7:30 p.m. She was still with the same man.

After that final sighting of the 41-year-old, though, she and her dog did not make it back to their motel room, and they were never seen again.

“I absolutely believe she did not disappear on purpose. She’s not on vacation,” Laynee’s sister-in-law, Emily Pepper, told KING 5.

Facebook – pictured above is Laynee

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