She Tried To Tell Her Husband That He Shouldn’t Invite His Sister On Vacation With Them Since She Always Mooches Off Them

Anytime she tries to talk to her sister-in-law about the issue, she throws it back at her, saying that because she only brings her daughter and is responsible for the least amount of people, she shouldn’t be responsible for any chores. That’s a lot of attitude from someone who had their lodging paid for!

Soon, they’ll be going on a vacation where they all share and rent cabins. Despite all of the problems in the past, her husband still wants to invite and pay for his younger sister to be there.

She tried to warn her husband about inviting his sister, reminding him how difficult the vacations have been with her there, but it only upset him. No matter what, he wants his sister there.

How do you think they should approach the situation? Is there any chance of them being able to reason with his sister?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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