She’s Been Married To Her Husband For 9 Years, And They’re High School Sweethearts, But He Just Confessed That He No Longer Has Feelings For Her

annanahabed - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old woman met her 36-year-old husband when they both were back in high school, and then they started dating.

Now, they have been married for 9 long years, have two children who are 5 and 8, and are the definition of high school sweethearts.

Sadly, earlier this year, her husband revealed to her that he no longer has feelings for her. Her husband stated that he began feeling that way for about 4 months.

Although he said he lost his feelings, he did mention that he wanted to “work it out” as they have spent a good chunk of time together.

Initially, her husband claimed that he didn’t have an excuse for losing feelings for her; it was something that ended up happening, and that was it.

“A week later, I found out he had developed feelings for a friend,” she explained. “Another week goes by, and he comes to me in tears, saying that this friend broke up her relationship and that she has feelings for him too.”

“Our marriage almost ended that day, but we worked it out, and he decided to cut off contact with her and try to fix our marriage.”

After her husband ended his friendship with this woman, he has become a lot better at communicating and showing her attention, which she does appreciate.

Her husband also has been going to therapy, and she’s hopeful that this change will allow her husband to get his priorities straight.

annanahabed – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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