She’s Concerned Because Ever Since She And Her Husband Sold Their House, Her Husband Keeps Going Back Over To Hangout With The 20-Year-Old Girl Who Now Lives There

So, at the time of the sale, her husband told the couple that if anything ever went wrong with the house, they could just give him a call.

“He would see if he knew how to fix it or give them the number of the repair people he usually used,” she added.

And in the beginning, everything had been fine for the few months following the sale. But then, in December, something happened with her old house’s heating system when a cold front rolled in.

At that point, it was just the 20-year-old daughter and her child living in the house, too. So, her husband wound up going over to repair the heat– which he claimed was a relatively easy fix.

Upon arriving home, though, she remembered how her husband made a comment about how nice it had been to be back at their old house. He also revealed how much he missed it.

And ever since then, she feels like her husband has looked for any reason to go back over to the old house.

First, her husband went back over again to check on the heating in anticipation of another cold front. Then, he actually brought their youngest child to go sledding with the 20-year-old woman’s daughter.

Apparently, her husband claimed that their youngest just enjoyed hanging out with the other little girl.

“But there is a four-year age difference, so although, yes, I know our child has fun with them, I don’t think they exactly asked for a playdate,” she revealed.

After bringing up her concerns to her husband, though, he just accused her of overreacting.

Nonetheless, she still thinks she is entitled to having some reservations about her husband’s behavior over the past few months.

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