She’s Pretty Tired Of Having To Say Sorry To Her Daughter For Having A Very Different Childhood Than Her Stepsiblings

When CJ went off to college, she met her new husband, Matthew. After they married, they had two kids, their six-year-old daughter Melissa and five-year-old son Jack. 

She admits that Jack and Melissa have had a much more bountiful and eventful childhood, as she and Matthew live pretty comfortably with their combined salaries.

However, she doesn’t want to leave CJ out of fun trips and events, so she invites her to every vacation or special outing they go on and pays for her tickets. 

She also tries to get CJ little gifts throughout the year to show her that she still cares. She’s trying hard to even out her children’s experiences, although she knows CJ’s childhood and her young kid’s childhoods will never be similar.

She’s tried to apologize to CJ about everything multiple times, but she hasn’t accepted it. 

The treatment Jack and Melissa receive bugs CJ, and she’s outwardly mentioned her bitterness to the whole family.

Unfortunately, things got pretty bad recently when the entire family went to see the off-Broadway production of Frozen for Jack’s birthday. 

After the show, they all went out to dinner. She had noticed that CJ was acting strange the entire evening like she was upset and bottling something up.

Then, suddenly, when they were about to start discussing the musical, CJ turned to Jack and bitterly said, “You know what I got for my 5th birthday, Jack? A Barbie from the dollar store.”

Thankfully, the kids didn’t really understand her comment and were fine. But the adults around the table certainly could feel the tension. 

“I was civil the rest of the meal but later called CJ and told her what she did was unacceptable,” she explained. “I cannot continuously apologize for her upbringing, and she can’t throw it in my face.” 

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