She’s Talking About A “First Date Fail” She Had With A Guy That Involved A Mysterious Woman In The Parking Lot Of The Restaurant They Were Supposed To Have Dinner At

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A 36-year-old woman named Ashley Valencia (@ashleyrenee423) from Tennessee is sharing the story of her “first date fail” with a guy on TikTok.

So this guy had asked Ashley out to dinner multiple times, and one day, she finally agreed to go out with him. They set up a date, and when the time came, she ended up arriving at the restaurant Ruby Tuesday before him.

She grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a drink when he suddenly called her. He informed Ashley that there was a 4Runner in the parking lot that belonged to a woman he had taken out on one date three weeks ago.

He claimed that the other woman was crazy; therefore, he was unable to come inside the restaurant. He tried to suggest to Ashley that they go to a different place. However, it was a small town, and dining options were somewhat limited, so Ashley declined and told him to head home, which he did.

“If you drive a 4Runner and were at Ruby Tuesday in Athens, TN recently, let me know what this man did to you that he wouldn’t face you!” wrote Ashley on the text overlay of the video.

In a follow-up video, Ashley revealed that the man saw her TikTok video and reached out to her, wanting to clarify a couple of things.

He reiterated that he had only gone on one date with the woman who drives the 4Runner and that she was not his wife or girlfriend.

And as for how he could specifically recognize the 4Runner, he claimed that there were several stickers on the back window, making the vehicle very recognizable.

He apologized for his actions and admitted that he had ghosted the other woman, which explained his suspicious behavior. However, the identity of the woman was still a mystery, and many TikTok users were eager to hear her side of the story.

Angelov – – illustrative purposes only

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