She’s Upset With Her Boyfriend Because He Refused To Drive And Pick Her Up From Work During A Blizzard

She’s not allowed to look at her phone during the day at work, so when she looked at her messages after her shift, she got one from her boyfriend, who said he wasn’t going to pick her up, that the conditions outside made it too dangerous. 

Although that’s understandable, the commute she had to take was horrific. The buses were running, but because of the storm, there were major delays. 

First, she stood outside from 5:45 pm-6:20 pm. The bus was supposed to pick her up at 5:58 pm. Ice pellets were hitting her and sticking to her body, and once she got on the bus, they melted, causing her to be soaking wet. 

Then, she had to wait outside for another bus. But this time, she waited an hour and 40 minutes, not getting home until 8:30 pm. Her boyfriend’s only message to her throughout this commute was, “I hope you don’t don’t hate me.”

When she got home, no dinner was waiting for her, so she drew herself a hot bath and ate leftovers in the tub before going straight to bed. 

“It took everything in me not to lose (it) on him for leaving me to commute in a storm,” she said. 

The next morning, as she got up for work and he stayed in bed fast asleep, she had to bite her tongue from going off on him. Although he shouldn’t have necessarily been driving that night, perhaps he could’ve taken better care of her when she got home.

How do you think he could make it up to her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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