After Her Bad Babysitting Experience With One Family, She Told All Of Her Friends About The Situation, And Now The Mom Is Upset With Her Because Nobody Wants To Watch This Little Girl Now

She spent 3 hours at the doctor with the little girl, and when they did arrive back at the house, she was super tired and also smelled because the little girl had thrown up on her.

She then gave the little girl a bath, put on her pajamas, gave her some medicine the doctor sent home, and put her in bed.

As soon as the little girl was fast asleep, she hopped in the shower to clean off and then put on the extra clothes she keeps stashed in her car.

The parents eventually came home, and she informed them of what had gone on and what the doctor had said to do for the little girl.

“They weren’t apologetic at all and said their phone must have been on silent,” she explained. “They then paid me, and I left they acted very casually about the whole mess as if it hadn’t been a (nightmare) for me.”

“I will admit I was kind of upset and stressed still, so when I got home, I texted two of my friends who also babysit and warned them not to sit for that family, it had a bit of a domino effect as they ended up telling their friends who told their friends and so on.”

“I had no idea the scale it had reached until I got a call from the mother today demanding to know what I’d said and why no sitter will agree to watch her daughter this Saturday. I didn’t intend for it to reach this scale, and I’m a bit in shock, wondering if maybe I went too far…”

Do you think it was wrong of her to tell her friends about what had happened?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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