As She Was Leaving Campus Late One Night, A Strange Woman Began Running At Her From Across The Parking Lot

fotofabrika - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the scariest interactions a person can have is someone you don’t know chasing you or running toward you. Can you imagine if that happened to you in the middle of the night?

A woman who worked as a college professor was leaving campus late one night when a stranger began running towards her in the parking lot and had one of the scariest interactions that still creeps her out today.

Ten years ago, she was a professor at a local community college. One of her classes was held during the winter, and it was a night class, so she’d often get out around 11:00 pm. 

One night after her late class had ended, she decided to stay on campus a while longer to get some work done and submit grades. 

Once she was finished, she headed out to the campus parking lot to get in her car and go home but saw someone coming at her out of nowhere. 

“As I was walking to my car, I noticed a woman running towards me from the other side of the parking lot,” she said.

“I was already in my car by the time I noticed she was getting closer and closer to me, but I wasn’t able to get the car started and drive away by the time she got to me. She closed the distance between us incredibly fast!”

It was the middle of the winter, and the woman was wearing biker shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops. When the woman reached her car, she slightly cracked her window to ask her if she was alright. She didn’t want to turn away from a woman in a genuine emergency.

The woman kept asking her for a ride to the gas station but wouldn’t say why initially. She didn’t want to let a stranger in her car, so she said no and tried to drive away. But then, the woman stood in front of her and put her hands on the hood of her car, preventing her from moving. 

“I was genuinely concerned that maybe someone was after her, but I started to get very uncomfortable and got a very eerie feeling about this point in the interaction,” she remembered. 

fotofabrika – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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