Coastal Cowgirl Is Being Declared The Hot New Trend Of The Summer, And Here’s How You Can Incorporate This Into Your Closet

Holley - - illustrative purposes only

What in tarnation is “coastal cowgirl fashion?” As you may have guessed, it’s another TikTok fashion trend that has seemingly materialized out of nowhere.

The coastal cowgirl aesthetic has been declared the trend of the summer. So since it’ll be here to stay, let’s give it a nice, warm howdy and learn a little more about it, shall we?

According to TikTok, the look is made up of staples such as cowboy boots, denim skirts, belts with big buckles, leather, and light, airy tops.

It’s relaxed and outdoorsy, combining the rugged Western look with a beachy twist. Just picture yourself astride a horse at the beach with your flowy skirts trailing behind you as you gallop off into the sunset.

If you’re interested in participating in the trend, here’s how you can incorporate the coastal cowgirl look into your daily summer rotation.

To really lean into summer, pair your leather cowboy boots with a swishing sundress. Blues and whites will help give you that “I’m enjoying the warm weather” look.

For a more casual vibe, wear a neutral knit tank, white cutoff denim shorts, and boots that are not your typical brown, white, or black. You want to get cowboy boots in a fun color to really make your outfit pop!

City girls can be cowgirls, too! A neutral color palette continues to dominate the fashion world, so wear your black or white cowboy boots with a white corset top and black midi skirt.

Or opt for a white silk slip dress and an oversized black blazer to give the outfit some structure. Strut around the city in style and listen to your cowboy boots clack across the concrete sidewalks.

Holley – – illustrative purposes only

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