He Asked His Friend To Prom, Knowing That She Was Still Angry At Him, So She Walked Out, Had A Panic Attack, And Now The Whole School Is Talking About The Incident

Mary Perry - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 18-year-old guy has liked his friend, Faith, for quite a while. And being that they are seniors in high school, he has intended to ask her to prom all year.

But, due to some misunderstanding– in which he accidentally ruined her school project– Faith has been pretty upset with him.

Now, he claims that he has sort of apologized. More specifically, Faith wouldn’t talk to him at the time, so he was forced to ask a mutual friend to relay his apology– which he understood at the time.

But, since a good amount of time has passed since their argument, he thought it would still be a good idea to ask Faith to prom. After all, he really wanted to go with her and knew that she still didn’t have a date.

So, he planned out a whole promposal. The goal was to do it at lunch. But, since Faith was mad at him, she didn’t normally sit with him and his friend group in the cafeteria anymore.

That’s why he intentionally decided not to join his friend group during one lunch period– to get Faith to show up and sit down.

Then, once he got confirmation from a different friend that she was there, he walked into the cafeteria and did his whole promposal.

Apparently, it involved a bunch of signs, a song he played over a speaker, and some flowers and candy.

And since the whole display was happening in the middle of the cafeteria, he drew a lot of attention.

Mary Perry – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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