He Planned To Put His Two Daughters And One Of Their Boyfriends All In One Hotel Room On A Trip To Cuba, But His Eldest Is Really Uncomfortable With That

“I told her that I was the one forking out the money for the trip, so she doesn’t get a say in the room situation,” he recalled. Yikes!

Despite that, his eldest daughter was still upfront about her opinions. She admitted to thinking that if Jack wanted to go on the trip to spend time with his youngest daughter, then Jack should also cover the price of a separate hotel room. That way, the pair could sleep alone together.

He still didn’t see the logic in that, though, and claimed that everyone would only be using their rooms to sleep. So, he really didn’t think sharing would be a big deal. But even the thought of just sleeping in the same room as her sister and Jack made his eldest daughter uncomfortable. That’s why she even offered to pay for her own private room.

Although, he wasn’t happy with that idea, either.

“I don’t think it’s safe to have her in a room alone,” he said.

And since he and his eldest daughter could not see eye to eye on the situation, she wound up hanging up the phone on him. Plus, his daughter is even considering not going on the trip anymore.

So, his wife is pretty upset with him because she wants the entire family to go on vacation together and feels as though he is ruining that. And now, he’s been left wondering whether planning to put his eldest daughter in the same room as his youngest daughter and her boyfriend was really a bad idea.

Can you understand why his eldest isn’t comfortable sleeping with her younger sister and her boyfriend? Do you think he’s being unreasonable by not allowing his eldest to at least pay for her own hotel room? How can he reconcile this situation?

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