He Requested A Student Be Removed From His Class After She Kept Writing Steamy Stories Involving Him And Another Teacher

Eventually, the stories did make their way to one specific student– who wound up reporting the incident to him. And after that, he was sick of the situation and decided to report Becky to the administration.

At that point, the administrators recommended that he just request Becky be removed from his class. So, he did.

Ever since he did that, though, Becky’s parents have been furious. In fact, they have accused him of discriminating against her because she just does not understand social associations.

Becky’s parents are also claiming that she needs more help rather than punishment for having a disability– which is illegal.

So, the administration is no longer backing him up. And now, he’s been left wondering whether having his student removed from his class for writing inappropriate stories about him and another teacher was the wrong thing to do.

Can you understand why Becky’s stories made him uncomfortable? Do you think he did the right thing by requesting she gets removed from class? Or could he have handled this situation in a better way?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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