Her Boyfriend Donated $130,000 To Charity After Receiving His Late Brother’s Life Insurance Payment Instead Of Using It To Pay For His Share Of Their Bills, Which She Covers Completely Alone

That’s why, after her boyfriend received the money, she had a bunch of ideas on ways to use it. For instance, she suggested that they just buy an apartment instead of paying rent and draining their savings every month. Or, she suggested her boyfriend pay off his debt or just save the money to accrue interest.

To her complete shock, though, her boyfriend didn’t want to use any of the money at all. Instead, he actually just wanted to donate it to a charity.

And while it might seem selfless of her boyfriend, she thinks it’s just really hurtful– because by donating the funds, she will just be forced to keep working harder and harder to support them both.

Not to mention, their rent just got legally increased to $2,900 per month. So, even if they sign the lease again, basically half of her salary will be going just toward their apartment.

This pushed her to try to explain her concerns to her boyfriend and underscored how they needed the money. She also pointed out how her boyfriend could just donate a portion of the money to charity.

“But he needs to take care of our finances first, just like I’ve been doing for years,” she added.

Her boyfriend just did not understand her perspective, though, and essentially accused her of being the bad guy.

In fact, he claimed that she wanted to use his brother’s “blood money” and only saw dollar signs rather than wanting to do the “right thing.”

For her, though, she thinks it’s easy for her boyfriend to only care about doing the “right thing” while she is left to handle all of the difficult things– like actually paying their bills on time.

Still, her boyfriend has not budged on his decision. So despite his brother dying nearly a year ago– and her boyfriend having the insurance money for six months– he has not helped out with their expenses whatsoever.

Instead, over the past six months, he has just kept ignoring her pleas for financial help.

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