Her Family Has A Dark Past Regarding Twins, So It Really Hurt Her When Her Sister-In-Law Made A Comment At A Recent Family Event About How She Hopes She Gets Pregnant With Twins

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In some families, there are certain things that you should never joke about.

One woman is hurting after her sister-in-law made a cruel joke about her family history that started a rift between their family members.

She’s married and gets to spend time with her husband’s family. Unfortunately, her family has a dark past regarding having babies. There have been multiple instances where a woman in her family has gotten pregnant with twins, and something goes wrong. 

For instance, she was supposed to be born in a set of twins, but her twin sister was tragically stillborn. The same happened to her older brother, who was also a twin, but the other baby sadly didn’t make it to term.

Her grandmother and one of her aunts also had complicated twin pregnancies that didn’t end well. 

These days, the subject of having twins is a very sensitive and emotional one for her family. Her husband and his family are aware of what’s happened in the past because she’s shared these stories with them. 

However, at a recent birthday gathering for her nephew with her in-laws, things got dark and sad when her sister-in-law tried to make a ‘joke’ that was anything but funny.

While everyone was sitting down and socializing, her sister-in-law said that she and her husband should have twins, trying to rile up the group.

“The comment was really hurtful to me, and I told her as much,” she recalled.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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