He’s Hoping To Propose To His Girlfriend A Few Days After His Brother’s Destination Wedding, But After His Future Sister-In-Law Yelled At Him About It, He’s Not Sure It’s A Good Idea

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Many people have mixed feelings about proposals at weddings. If you were celebrating your wedding, and suddenly, someone started proposing to their partner in the middle of your reception, how would you feel?

One man is hoping to propose to his girlfriend a few days after his brother’s destination wedding but is now unsure if he should do it after his future sister-in-law yelled at him about it.

His brother and his fiancée are planning on getting married in the Philippines. It’s a destination wedding, and all the guests, including family, had to pay for their flights and hotels. 

His brother asked him to fly to the Philippines two days before the ceremony. He’s really excited since, coincidentally, his 27-year-old girlfriend is also from the Philippines.

“My girlfriend grew up in the Philippines and moved to the USA at 13 but hasn’t visited her home country at all,” he explained.

“She has told me she wanted to visit the country to pay respects to her late grandparents and to see the beaches again.”

Since they’ll be going to the Philippines for his brother’s wedding anyway, he and his girlfriend decided they’d extend their trip and stay there for an extra week for vacation. Ideally, while they’re enjoying their extra time there, he’s going to propose to her.

His brother and sister-in-law would already have left for their honeymoon, so he and his girlfriend would be the only two people left on the island.

He started talking about his proposal plans during a recent visit with his brother and future sister-in-law. After the wedding, he and his girlfriend will travel to a different island in the Philippines, where he’ll propose to her.

torriphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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