His Wife Finally Lost Her Wedding Ring After Repeatedly Leaving It In Bad Places Throughout Their House, So He’s Refusing To Spend Thousands Of Dollars On A Replacement

Alinnan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is currently married, and his wife apparently has one unfavorable habit– her tendency to put down and leave her wedding ring in bizarre places.

Sometimes she would leave the piece of jewelry on their second bathroom sink. Other times his wife left the ring on the kitchen counter or on a shelf next to the sink in the kitchen.

Now, he claimed to have told her on various occasions that leaving the wedding ring in more “active” areas of their house was not a good idea. After all, they have young kids who could easily take the jewelry. Or, it could just accidentally get hit off the counter.

Still, his wife never listened. And now, she has officially lost her wedding ring for good.

After he found out the item was missing, he reportedly helped his wife tear the entire house apart in hopes of locating it.

“But we had no luck,” he revealed.

Eventually, he also decided to ask his wife when she even lost the wedding ring. Afterward, he learned she actually realized it was missing a couple of weeks ago– which completely shocked him.

But, his wife claimed that, at the time, she just did not want to admit that she had really lost the ring– which is why she put off searching for it for so long.

Anyway, once they recognized they were not going to find the ring, his wife wound up asking if she could get an expensive replacement ring.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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