She Confronted Another Teacher After She Kept Going Into Her Classroom And Swiping Her Supplies

But eventually, the truth came to light, and she found out that Jen had taken all of the bottles that morning. Then, Jen failed to return them or notify her that the glue had been used. So, after school, she decided to pay Jen a visit to get the glue back.

“And I asked her and her aide to stop taking things out of the room because I didn’t have the materials I needed for my students,” she recalled.

Jen was not receptive to her request, though, and actually accused her of being rude. Then, Jen claimed that all of the materials were intended for all the pre-K students. So, the teacher told her she needed to be more of a team player and agree to share the materials. At that point, she clarified how she didn’t have a problem with sharing whatsoever.

“But I need to be asked first,” she added.

Still, Jen claimed that since she was not at school in the mornings, it was impossible to ask her.

“I’ve never been at a school where teachers can just take things out of another teacher’s room and use it as they want,” she vented.

Regardless, since this is her first year teaching, aside from her experience as a substitute teacher, she’s been left wondering whether telling another teacher to stop going in her classroom was a jerky thing to do.

If another teacher was taking supplies from your classroom, would you get frustrated, too? Should she be more of a “team player,” or does she have a right to at least expect communication before her items are taken? How would you handle this situation?

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