She Doesn’t Want To Go To Prom With Her Boyfriend Anymore Because He Plans To Wear A Fish Tie

Regardless, she’s starting to feel as though Joseph resents her for merely asking him to be her date. So, she decided to give him an out.

“I told him if he seriously doesn’t want to go and hates it so much, I will reimburse him the money,” she revealed.

Since then, she is still waiting on a response from Joseph. At the same time, she’s been left wondering whether not wanting to go to prom with her boyfriend if he wears a fish tie makes her a real jerk or not.

Was it sweet of her boyfriend to agree to go to the prom even though he really never wanted to? Should he get to wear what he wants or not? Could he just bring a classic tie for photos and change into the fish tie for the remainder of the evening? How else could they compromise in this situation?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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